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If for unforeseen circumstances an Ooh la la Dance Extravaganza eisteddfod has to be cancelled. Entries won't be refunded, they will be transferred to or next eisteddfod.

Committee:The committee reserves the right to cancel, amend or refuse sections where insufficient entries are received, as well as dividing/combining sections. The committee reserves the right to substitute an adjudicator. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.
Full care but no responsibility will be taken for injuries or lost property of anyone attending Ooh la la Dance Extravaganza.
The committee’s decisions on issues including those not covered in these rules will be final.



Guests and their visitors or employees enter and use these
premises at their own risk.

Neither Ooh La La Dance Extravaganza nor their
representatives, volunteers or agents are liable for loss or damage to 
any guest, visitor, employee or any persons property,


for injury or death of any guest or visitor, whilst they attend
Ooh La La Dance Extravaganza Eisteddfod.

Teachers must email a copy of your
"Working with Children Check"
 before submitting troupe entries.

No teachers will be able to sign our book to recieve free entry unless
 I have a copy of this check prior to the commencent of the eisteddofod.
The school must have a copy of these checks before the the eisteddfod begins.

Complying to our rules:By entering our eisteddfod you agree to comply with all rules laid down by the committee! Any breaching of the rules will incur penalties 

Competitors:Competitors must enter and compete in their own age group. No dancing below age is allowed. Competitors must be ready to compete in the section in the order in which their name appears in the program (unless otherwise arranged with the committee). 

Combining or Canceling Section: The committee reserves the right to combine or cancel any sections

Music:An official sound system will be available, all music must be on CD’s. Please ensure you bring a back up CD of another brand as some CD’s are a little temperamental at times. CD must be marked with competitor’s name. Demi/National Character CD’s must be labeled with name of dance or character. Lyrics in the music will be accepted in any Tap routines We do not provide Ipod facilities.

Adjudicator: No one is permitted to approach the Adjudicator and the decision of the adjudicator will be final. 

Who is the eisteddfod open to? This eisteddfod is open to amateurs. That is those whose main source of income is not that of a performer/dance teacher.

Proof of age: Please supply a copy of birth certificate for all solo and duo/trio entries or have a copy with you at competition. (Unless already on file). 

Protest: Any protest must be lodged with a fee of $20.00 within ten minutes of completion of section to the official table (fee will be forfeited if protest is dismissed).  

Programs: If you have not received your program within 3 days of eisteddfod starting, it is YOUR responsibility to contact Ooh La La Dance Extravaganza.

Video Recording:An official video operator will be available throughout the eisteddfod for recording on DVD.

Improvisation clothing: Plain dance wear  

Troupes: Troupes must contain no less than 4 competitors. 

Dance Repetition: No repeating of routines is allowed.

COMPETING MORE THAN ONCE IN A SECTION: No dancer is allowed to dance twice in a section unless permission is given by the committee due to unusual circumstances.

Dancing Out of Section: No competing out of section is allowed unless the committee has given permission.      

SECTIONS  Ages for solos : 4/U,  6/U  8/U  10/U  12/U  14/U  15/O    

SECTIONS  Ages for  troupes:  6/U  8/U  10/U  12/U  14/U  16/O              
Solo sections: Jazz,  Hip Hop,  Straight Tap,  Fast Tap   Lyrical,  Demi  Character, Classical, National Character,   Song & Dance, Song & Tap, Contemporary, Broadway, Musical Theatre, Variety Section 
Student Choreography: Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical & Contemporary, Tap & Broadway

Duo sections: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Classical, Student Choreography Jazz, Student Choreography Lyrical/Contemporary       
Troupe sections:Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap,  Lyrical,  Classical  Contemporary, Adult Tap , Adult Jazz,  High Schools, Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Acrobatic, Cheer Leading, Primary School, High School
Improvisation sections: Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Classical Contemporary, Hip Hop, Broadway & Musical Theatre, Mystery.   

Musical Theatre Impro: Competitors listen to music the as per normal. Two props are placed on the stage that they have not seen prior to commencement. The props must be incorporated into their routine. 

Variety Section: Any dance genre - competitors can enter more than once.  This section is great for your extra routines.

Quartet: A group of 4 dancers - on solo days

Specially Restricted:   Confined to competitors who have not won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in any age group at any eisteddfod or festival.

Restricted:   Confined to competitors who have not won  1st place in a restricted section in any age group at any eisteddfod or festival.    

Open:  Confined to competitors who have won 1st place in a restricted section at any eisteddfod or festival.  

Open Assist: Confined to competitors who are already in OPEN but have not won 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the last year at any eisteddfod (HC is not included) This section only applies to 12/U, 14/U & 16/U  

New Sections:

Ooh La La's Got Talent: Open to anybody who has a talent! Competitors can only compete once, minimum of 10 entered competitors. This section is open to anybody (not just daners).
Cash prizes:
1st - $50.00
2nd - $20.00
3rd - $10.00

Mystery Improvisation: Competitors will be told the genre they will  dance just before they compete (no tap). 
Solo time limits: 3 minutes  

Troupe time limits: 5 minutes 

Troupe age limits: We will allow two students (only) to be up to 10 months older than the age group. Please bring birth certificates for these two competitors.  Teachers please abide by this rule to avoid other teachers complaining on troupe day and making it an awkward and embarrassing situation.  

Teachers: Free entry to one teacher only from each dance school per day.   Free entry to two teachers only from each dance school on troupe day.

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